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Pile of Quilts

My story

I've been making memory quilts for some time now. Every quilt has a story - it is a mission to turn a loved one's garments into family heirlooms. Very rewarding!

Last year, as football season approached, I wanted to find a way to keep my hands active and productive while I sat in front of the TV, so I grabbed a box of scrap fabrics, needle, and thread, and began sewing little squares together. Not sure what I was going to do with them, but at least I was starting something.

Around the same time, a friend was explaining how foster children usually come to her home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. She was currently fostering a little boy. Aha! The light bulb went off. Why not make quilts for these children and include their name in an effort to keep the quilt with the child? My first donation quilt got to Jonathan* just before he was removed from foster care and sent to live with his grandmother. From Sept to Dec '22, I was able to make and donate 7 quilts. 

Thanks to social media, the project has gained a lot of attention - and more importantly, folks are starting to send in donations of fabric scraps!

So now, I work with "The Call," a non-profit organization that works with local churches to serve foster families throughout Arkansas.   I have dozens of contacts with foster families ready to receive a quilt of their own! 

I guess you might call this a self-serving project, as it gives me a reason to upcycle my scraps and it keeps me busy in the evenings.

*name changed for privacy


Fabric scraps are welcome donations! Also, I'm always in need of quilt backing and new thread!  Feel free to email or contact me at 870-814-5646.

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