Quilts are just the beginning - check out some other projects we do to help create lasting memories!

*New: Quilting patterns now available! The subtle stitching that holds your top and bottom layers together can now be designed in a theme. See the last photo under Tshirt Quilts for example
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Tshirt Quilts


Keep your Tshirts while freeing up closet space!  I love piecing together Tshirt squares or other bits of textile memories into a fun pattern. Prep & Care Instructions on Contact Page. 

Texas Teen
Teen Heart Throbs
NJ state trooper
Crown Royal back
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 Display your keepsakes in a unique, elegant way! We can turn your neckties, handkerchiefs, award ribbons (or those of a deceased loved one) into beautiful throw pillows, framed art, or wall hanging tapestries. 

Tshirt Quilt
Necktie throw
Necktie Pillow
Handkerchief quilt
Memory Hangings
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Nap time or tummy time blankets

Just the right size for sending to daycare or when you just want to put the baby down for a minute. Can be personalized with child’s name. The panel will be finished with coordinating fabrics and quilted. All quilts are machine washable, may contain some polyester, but mostly cotton. If you find a special panel elsewhere, send it to me and I will turn it into your personalized quilt. Suggestions: sports team, hunting/fishing, favorite animal, dance, movie character, etc.

Check back as I will post new options from time to time.

Baby Shark
Carley's Pups
Care Bears
The colors on this panel are amazing! All your favorite teddy bears are here. A great choice for a girl or boy. Panel will have a coordinating border and can be embroidered with the child’s name.
Strawberry Shortcake
Who doesn’t remember this sweet girl and her friends? Panel will have a coordinating border and can be embroidered with the child’s name. Soft shades of pink and strawberry red, mint green, pastel yellow and blue on a white background.
Happy Dinosaurs
These adorable dinos won’t scare anyone with their sweet, smiling faces. Panel will have a coordinating border and can be embroidered with the child’s name. Orange, green, blue, white and yellow with a kicky swirly border.
Work Zone
Trucks, cranes, bulldozers, oh my! Panel will have a coordinating border and can be embroidered with the child’s name. Bright orange, black and turquoise blue on a happy yellow background.
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"Your Baby is All Grown Up Now" Memory Blankets

A quilt made from onsies, favorite blankie, stuffed toy, bibs (clean or dirty!).  Dig them out of the attic or in the back of the closet and let me make them a lasting, tangible memory of days gone by.  

Baby things blanket
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Memorial Quilts and Accessories

Remember loved ones who have passed by letting us create a quilt, pillows, wall hanging, or framed art from their textiles - ties, handkerchieves, special clothing items, etc. 

Bear from Lost Loved One
Daddy's Shirts
Teddy Bear from Daddy
A daddy-to-be lost before he met his son. We turned his favorite shirt into a teddy bear for baby.
Dad's Ties
Parents' Clothes
A son brought his deceased parents' clothes to me, and I turned them into a quilt to wrap around him like a hug.
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Ringbearer Pillows & Bridal Bags

Ring pillow
Photo credit: Uncorked Studios
Photo credit: Uncorked Studios
Photo credit: Uncorked Studios
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Well Wishes Quilt Kit

Here is a unique way to commemorate that special moment in someone’s life. Instead of guests writing on a note card that will be read and thrown away or lost, let them write on a piece of fabric that will become an heirloom. Kit includes white cotton fabric squares, enough to make 35 quilt blocks, special fabric markers, and instructions. When all 35 blocks are completed, send them back and I will make a beautiful quilt that will last a long time. Great for weddings, baby showers, graduates, anniversaries, retirement, or just for fun. You can even include special items such as garter, handkerchief, baby bib, graduate’s tassel, award ribbons, etc. You get to choose the color pallet and I will do the work.

Graduation celebration
Retirement celebration
60th birthday
Baby Shower Gift
Baby Shower Gift
Baby Shower Gift
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Don't forget the accessories! Appliques or embroidery, we can do both!  Need matching pillows for your quilt, or special throws for your den? No problem...

Nursery Verse
Peacocks (Emb.)
Elephant (emb)
Wedding Quilt
Naval theme
Gal Pals
Gal Pals
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Wall Hangings

Dad's Ties
Christmas Decor
Nursery Counting Fun
Each number has the appropriate number of buttons for a tactile way to learn to count!
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